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Covering how technology is changing our world

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As a journalist, I look at how technologies such as artificial intelligence, fintech, and blockchain impact people in developing countries. When I’m not immersed in fintech, AI, and financial inclusion issues, I write about personal finance — mostly weddings, debt, and my own journey toward financial literacy.

Essays & Opinion

In addition to reported pieces, I also write essays, columns, and opinion pieces. I currently write “Up Close and Personal Finance,” a monthly column about the psychology of personal finance. Previously, I’ve written opinion pieces on tech communities in Iowa and a column about finding romance while living abroad. 

Brand Content

I help brands tell stories of how they’re using tech in innovative ways. Educating your audience about new technologies and winning their trust requires having a conversation with them — and meaningful conversations begin with great content. I specialize in blog posts and long-form content, including articles, white papers, case studies, and ebooks.

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