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Face Value: Future of Facial Recognition in US and China // East West Bank

That China is a leader in cutting-edge technologies is beyond dispute. China is miles ahead of other countries on mobile payments, where cashless transactions are already commonplace in the country’s major cities. Facial recognition technology represents just one aspect of how Chinese innovations are changing the game, and its use cases could indicate what business trends will emerge in the U.S. and elsewhere over time.


How Payment Facilitators Are Disrupting Payments // Discover Global Network

At TRANSACT 2018, hosted by the Electronic Transactions Association, Discover Global Network co-sponsored a day-long payment facilitators track of speaking sessions that focused on what a payment facilitator is, what independent software vendors (ISVs) – those that integrate point-of-sale (POS) software applications – expect from their partners, and what the payment facilitator trend means going forward.