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Review of the Tip Yourself App // MagnifyMoney

Saving money doesn’t always come naturally, even though it’s one of the best ways to stabilize your finances and live the lifestyle you want without going into debt. Apps like Tip Yourself exist to help you become a better saver.


When ‘More is More’ Goes Overboard // Make Change

This mentality often stems from negative early-life experiences and messages surrounding money and success. As adults, people who develop scarcity mentalities often spend money as soon as they get it, fearing the opportunity to buy the things they want won’t come again.


Insider Tips for Buying a New Home // KeyBank

Buying a new home can be the experience of a lifetime, and nothing compares to the thrill of finding your perfect house. These insider tips will help you find the perfect house without succumbing to common home-buying pitfalls.


The Future of Farming Is Changing for Women // Make Change

Bridget Holcomb, executive director of the Women, Food and Agriculture Network, says that female farmers tend to take a community-oriented approach that also makes it harder for them to secure funding. “We know that, since women are looking at farms that are outside of the box, they’re less likely than their male counterparts to get support,” she says.


Debt Management vs. Debt Settlement // LendingTree

Debt management and debt settlement programs can help you work with creditors to pay off your debts or pay a lump sum that is less than what you owe but still closes the account. Neither option involves a credit check, although both will impact your credit score long term. The two key differences are whether you’re repaying the debt in full and whether the creditor is involved when establishing a repayment plan.


How to Refinance an Underwater Mortgage // LendingTree

Of all the nightmare scenarios a homeowner can face, having an underwater mortgage is one of the biggest ones. When you’ve purchased an asset you expected to earn you equity and boost your net worth, watching the value drop is both concerning and disheartening. Fortunately, there are steps you can take to improve your circumstances even when your home loan is underwater.


Is ASC 815 the road to hedge accounting simplicity? // Openlink

The Financial Accounting Standards Board (FASB) made a number of changes to the types of hedging allowed under the new guidelines. The amendment greenlights the use of the Security Industry and Financial Markets Association (SIFMA) Municipal Swap Rate and contractually specified rates in hedges against interest rate changes.


How to Qualify for a Home Equity Loan // Magnify Money

Buying a house is an investment, one that can open opportunities in numerous areas of your life. Not only does it become a home for you and your family, you can also borrow money against the property, creating financial flexibility for a wide range of goals.You can access that flexibility is through a home equity loan (HEL) or home equity line of credit (HELOC).


How to Stage a Home on a Budget // LendingTree

The costs of home staging range widely depending on whether you do it yourself or hire an expert. You might spend a few hundred dollars on paint, decorative plants, and replacing a few fixtures on your own, or a few thousand on a staging service. The experts we talked to provide practical tips to help seal the deal on selling your home, no matter your budget.