One Week Is All It Takes To Change Your Career Forever // Entefy 2018-03-11T16:03:42-05:00

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Earlier this year, Entefy examined the myth of busyness that consumes many people’s lives. Our research revealed that most of us have more time in our days than we realize, but we’re often too “busy” to use those hours effectively. I’m guilty of exactly that. Between professional responsibilities, social plans, and life’s logistics, I often felt that my whole day was spoken for before I got out of bed in the morning.

As I reflected on my constant busyness, however, I noticed patterns that contributed to the persistent feelings of exhaustion and frustration that came from my seemingly over-packed schedule. My days were peppered with interruptions – text conversations, social media checks, phone calls. Most of these were non-urgent yet I’d respond instantly, which meant it took me at least twice as long as necessary to complete any task. One distraction led to another and then another. I realized I could reclaim a good hour or two of my day, at minimum, if I learned to better manage my habits.

But my brain craved the dopamine hits that come from checking social media or email every five minutes. Even when I swore I was going to focus, I couldn’t go more than 30 minutes without being seized by the impulse to do something more immediately gratifying. My life stayed busy – too busy. I needed to hit the reset button on how I approached my days and my priorities. I decided to take a Think Week.

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