India’s Domestic Workers Have A New Ally In This Innovative FinTech Startup // Forbes Asia  2018-03-11T16:03:08-05:00

Project Description

The team at SERV’D has a simple but ambitious goal: to organize India’s unorganized domestic workforce. That means bringing financial inclusion to millions of unregistered workers via a mobile contract and payment app.

According to the organization Women in Informal Employment: Globalizing and Organizing (WIEGO), many domestic workers in India work without formal contracts or standardized work conditions. This leaves them with little legal basis to claim time off for maternity leave or holidays, not to mention few channels for pursuing paychecks withheld by employers.

“[L]ack of regulation has led to countless violations of domestic workers’ rights, including working hours ranging between 8 and 18 hours and the absence of any job security,” WIEGO writes. “Domestic workers invariably represent the more marginalized communities in society. Prejudice and bias related to social status is reflected very strongly at the workplace for many domestic workers.”

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